Here are some great app finds I came across this week geared for kids of all needs.

USA Today Highlights Apps for Special Needs Children

If you’re a mom of a child with special needs, like myself, check out this article recently published in USA Today detailing several apps for special needs children. My step-son loves his iPhone and our iPad, it keeps him focused when we’re out and about and also keeps him occupied when he is in potentially uncomfortable situations, so I definitely thought this article was worth sharing.

Planets for iPhone and iPad

My step-son also loves loves loves telling us about the planets. This app for iPhone and iPad, allows children to actually point their device at the nighttime sky and it will identify the constellations in 3-D. What’s cooler than that?

Storia Reading App for Apple and Android Devices

Trying to get kids engaged in reading is hard enough, but this app for iPad and Android powered tablets makes reading fun, and trackable for us moms. The free app connects you to a library with over 1,500 e-books easily organized by grade and age level. Cool features such as a personalized book shelf and a reading progress checker makes this app a winner in my book. Hee Hee!




The All New Bugaboo Buffalo!!

Fans of the Bugaboo rejoice because the all new all-terrain Buffalo is coming! Just last week Bugaboo released some flicks of the new stroller on their Instagram (make sure you also follow my Instagram Shondi_onecrazymamma!) and the blogs have been going stroller cray (yes I said CRAY) ever since! So here’s what you can expect from the already very popular Bugaboo brand and their newest addition.

First up, this is an all-terrain stroller. The tires are more rugged and it is geared for parents on the go, especially those who like to do trail activities. That is not to say that its not also great for urban living though, this baby sports two wheel suspension for sand and snow, which those of us in the Northeast will definitely appreciate. The Buffalo will be heavier than the Chameleon series, coming in at 26 lbs, comparative to the UppaBaby Vista and Britax B-Ready, lighter than the Baby Jogger City Select.

Second, and the feature that I am sure most parents will be excited about, is the fold. The Buffalo is able to fold WITH THE SEAT ATTACHED!! YES THAT’S WHAT I SAID!!! Parents rejoice! No more two step system, taking the seat off is no longer necessary making this a great on the go stroller. It’s also self standing, no need to worry about getting this baby dirty sitting on the floor after having folded it (can you say that much about your real baby? Probably not!).

Third, amahhhhhzing storage capabilities. Want to bring that diaper bag, gucci bag, and all the other stuff you bought at the mall rather than going to that mommy and me class? The Buffalo can handle it all!

Bugaboo is reporting that the Buffalo is due to be released overseas first, with a US release expected later in the future. Word is it will be priced higher than the Chameleon G3 but less than the Donkey Mono. Here are some first looks at the Buffalo, let me know what you think! Is this stroller on your radar??

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2nd Annual Resource Expo for Children With Special Needs

If you live in the Essex County, NJ area, and are a parent of a special needs child, then this is a great resource…. PASSE (Parents Advocating for Special Needs in Education) is holding their 2nd Annual Resource Expo in West Orange, NJ. This is a great opportunity to get out and connect with great resources for parents and children with special needs. Childcare is provided, and there will be over 30 tables to visit which will include camps, advocacy. nutrition info, and learning programs just to name a few.

You Don’t Want To Miss It!

March 14th, 7-9PM at West Orange HS (Tarnoff Cafeteria)
51 Conforti Ave.
West Orange, NJ 07052

RSVP: Email or call (973) 202-0592. Please include number of attendees, how many children need childcare.

For more information please visit the PASSE website. Passe Expo Flyer


NJ Mom Leaves Sleeping Twins in Car…Bad Mom or Bad Decision?

Just the other day I came across an article on CBS about a mom who left her sleeping infants in the car while she ran into a local CVS to drop off a prescription. The prescription was for her infant son, who had been up for about 24 hours in the emergency room, ill with an ear infection. This was the first time he had fallen asleep since being ill. Apparently, she forgot to put her car in park, leaving it in neutral, and while in the store her car began to roll across the parking lot. Subsequently, she has been arrested, her children removed, and she is facing jail time. To some, this mom’s actions may seem completely absurd, and on the one hand I can understand that view. To others. what she did was totally okay. Judging by the comments posted in response, most thought she was unjustly arrested and posed the point that it is not against the law to leave your kids unsupervised. While this is true, I have to say that part of me agrees with the action taken against her.

As a mother of small children, I can totally empathize with her and her state of mind. Ironically that same day, I was thinking to myself, “Gee I really have to run into the store to get some milk. I could probably do it when I pick my older children up from school so they can all stay in the car together while I run in.” And that is certainly not the first time I have done that. See I live in the suburbs, parking lots are common. Parking right in front of the door of smaller stores happens all the time. When I lived in NYC, I never dreamed of leaving my kids in the car as I would have had to park ridiculously far away, but in NJ its very different. With the time it takes me to get all my kids out of the car and into a store, I could easily run in and take care of whatever I have to. Now understand, I only do it when my older children are in the car and ALWAYS equip one of them with a cell phone just in case. But yes I am guilty of leaving my kids in the car whether to run into a store or to pick one of them up from school, and I’ve been doing it for some time now. And no I’m not ashamed to admit that. But, as I mentioned I always ensure that there are measures in place….just in case. Perhaps this is because I’m a bit paranoid about the authorities being notified that I’ve left my kids in the car.

Before going out on maternity leave, I worked as a child welfare professional. I investigated allegations of abuse and neglect of children and had a case somewhat similar to this. In that case, the mom left her four children all under the age of five, alone in her  car which was parked in a Home Depot parking lot while she went into the store to use the bathroom. Coincidentally, her boyfriend also worked in the store and she happened to stop to have a 20 minute conversation with him. It also happened to be a February night in which the temperatures dipped significantly and she left her car and the heat off. As with the mom from NJ, the police were notified, her kids were removed, and she was arrested.

Here’s my point, and after reading the comments posted in response to this article, it’s important that people understand where this NJ mom went wrong. No it isn’t illegal or against the law to leave your kids unsupervised, BUT it is poor judgement and probably exposing them to the threat of serious harm if you don’t put in place measures to ensure that they are safe when doing so. For example, leaving your car in neutral while you ran into the store, although probably an honest mistake, still placed those children in danger. Leaving four children in a car in February with no heat for 20 minutes placed those children in danger. Just like leaving your children at home who have no idea as to how dial 911 if needed places them in danger. The job of any child welfare professional is to determine whether or not this children were placed in danger or whether the actions of the parent could have placed the child in danger. In this case I would have to agree with the authority’s actions, but that doesn’t mean she is a bad mom so to speak, just one who made a really bad mistake. And as a mom, we all do it.



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One Crazy Mamma Scores Big at the New York City Baby Show!

If you were one of the thousands of people who headed out the the New York City Baby Show, then you can understand my excitement about being at this fantastic event! Packed with products and seminars for new, expectant, and seasoned parents such as myself, the show definitely lived up to my expectations. From the latest strollers to the fabulous little product called the Windi (I’ll elaborate on this fascinating find further down), the Baby Show gave moms like me a great chance to not only connect, but to also get great demonstrations and samples! This one crazy blogger (me of course!) even got a great feature at the City Grips booth and got to meet the lovely ladies behind one of my favorite products (see the full review in my previous post). So here are some of my fave finds…..

First up, Britax just released their B-Agile double stroller. Similar in design to the City Mini Double, which you guys know I LOVE, the guys at Britax smartly added some great features that are mom must haves. I particularly love the height adjustable handle (not featured on my City Mini Double, although it is on the City Mini GT Double). This is perfect for a family like mine since I am a mere 5 ft. and my husband is 6 ft. I also love the design of the handle, the one bar featured in the middle is perfect for a one handed steering motion. More information can be found here…

Photo Courtesy of

Next up is a great item for those of you living in smaller spaces. The Stroll Away by MetroTots was a perfect item to feature at the NYC Baby Show! This ingenius item allows you to hang your stroller from any standard door, a perfect storage solution for smaller living spaces! More information can be found at


Last up is the Windi. This is made by the same people that make the NoseFrida, that nifty little invention that allows you to use your mouth to pull mucous from you baby’s stuffed nosey through the use of a tube. Now I have to admit, when I saw that at my local Buy Buy Baby I was a bit freaked out by the thought of doing that. But the two lovely  product specialists at the show gave me a great demo of how that worked and I must admit, I am certainly going to be getting one of those. The Windi, however is for, you guessed it, your baby’s bum! Now if you’re thinking “I certainly am not sucking gas out of my baby’s bum with my mouth!”, don’t worry I thought the same thing. Luckily the product specialists explained that there was no use for my mouth for this one (thank god!). Okay so here’s how it works, you know when your newborn is gassy and they can’t get it out and they’re screaming at the top of they’re lungs for hours and nothing you try seems to work? Well this novel little product is designed to relieve that! The concept is that the soft pliable tube, once inserted into the bum, will pass the muscles that are contracting and holding in the gas, and whalaa the gas is released! Sounds a bit scary, but it’s a great way to naturally relieve gas. More information can be found at


Here are some photos of my great finds and me and the CityGrips team! Check out the One Crazy Mamma feature on their press junket!